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Saturday, November 14, 20091:11 PM
1. “Trials exist because God wants to test you.” That’s a lie! He already knows your capabilities, more than you could imagine. Trials exist because you need to learn one thing and that is faith.

2. Without Jesus, days are mournday, tearsday, wasteday, thirstdat, shatterday and sinday. So allow him to be with you every day.

3. God is the reason why even in pain, we smile; even in confusion, we understand; even in betrayal, we trust and even in fear, we continue to fight.

4. Some lessons are best learned through pain. Sometimes our visions become clear only after our eyes are washed with tears. Sometimes we have to be broken so we can be whole again. If God meant the day to be perfect, He wouldn’t have invented tomorrow.

5. Do you know the feeling of loving someone who does not love you in return? It hurts, right? That is how God feels most of the time.

6. A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.
- Proverbs 15: 1

7. Wherever you are, I pray love be with you. Wherever you go, I pray goodness to surround you. Whatever you do, I pray joy to fill your heart because you deserve every good gift a wonderful life can hold.

8. Life forms us. Sin deforms us. School informs us. But only God transforms us.

9. God doesn’t want you to describe how great your mountains are, what He wants you to do is to tell your mountains how great your God is.

10. It is wonderful to get answers from prayers but it is even more wonderful to let God mind you and make you into an answer to somebody’s prayer.

11. The Lord hides everything in nothing. He hides a tree in a seed. He hides a king in a shepherd boy. He hides a savior in baby. Aren’t you excited to see what he is hiding in you?

12. When God leads you to the edge of a cliff, trust him fully and let go because only one of the two things might happen. Either he will catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to fly.

13. You know what is the sweetest time of the day? It is when you pray. Why? Because you are talking to the One who loves you most.

14. Life is a constant battle for survival. And as we grow older, the rules change on daily basis. Our mission is not to escape but to survive and win. Not just deal with triumph but to deal with failures and mistakes. Not to run away from fear but to master it. It takes courage to keep on fighting. So if you feel like the rules have shifted one step higher, deal with it and never surrender. God is with you.

15. The Lord never fails to surprise us. He hides a tree in a seed. He hides a king in the carpenter’s son. He hides a savior in a baby. Aren’t you excited to see what he’s hiding in you? Be prepared for the big surprise the God will provide you.

16. They say you can never love a person whom you have never seen. I just smiled and said, “I haven’t seen God but I love him.”

17. “Jesus wasn’t your typical superhero. He wore no cape or costume. He had no logo on his chest or spotlight beacon in the sky. He didn’t have a wise cracking sidekick with a catchy tagline. And he didn’t try to hide his identity to protect himself or his family. He boldly proclaimed who he was, fearless of the danger it would later bring upon himself.”
- Brian Coates

18. An astronomer’s proof that God really exists: “I always look at the planets and see every movement. I realize all of them are moving. But one thing really amazes me, the earth never changes its course – not even a bit, even one degree. You know why? If the earth gets one degree closer to the sun, it will burn and one degree apart, it will freeze. So I realize there’s someone holding it. Someone called God.

19. Jesus and Satan were using the computer. They started typing. They did every known job, report, emails, and attachments and download. But before the time was up, lighting, thunder, rain and brownout came. Satan cursed. Jesus just sighed. When electricity was back, Satan lost every single thing he had done. But Jesus started printing all his files. Satan shouted, “You cheated!” Jesus just smiled. Because he did what Satan didn’t know, he SAVES.

20. When God takes something away from your grasp, He is not punishing you but merely emptying your hand to receive something better.

21. God would not give you the dream or the desire in your heart if he did not also give you the talent and abilities to make that dream come true.

22. The biggest blessing in our lives is simply the presence of people who care much, who loves for real and see us much beyond ourselves.

23. I won’t dare question God why He puts me through trials and challenges because I never question Him when I experience joy and victory.

24. There are times when prayer is the only gift we can give to the one we care for, so I do always pray to God to take good care of you, everyday and always.

25. When God looks around to use somebody, He has no one to choose from except failures. We serve a gracious Master who knows how to overrule even our mistakes to His glory and our own advantage.
- Steve Farrar

26. Often, we stand at life’s crossroads and view what we think is the end. But God has much bigger vision and He tells us, “Relax, it’s just a bend, not the end.”

27. A sailor was stuck in an island where he is the only survivor. He made a hut for his shelter, day and night he prayed and waited for someone to rescue him but no one came. He stored food in the hut for his survival but one day, the hut burned to ashes and nothing was left of it. He was so angry, he said: “God, why have you done this to me?” The next morning, rescuers came. He asked, “How did you know that I am here?” They replied, “We saw a smoke signal.”
Trust HIM when misfortune happens. His plans are always greater than ours.

28. We often get impatient and take things into our own hands but God says, “Be quiet, trust me. I know your needs better that you do. Just wait, let me work and give you the best.”

29. Someday, God will send someone into your life and love you like you have always wanted. If that was yesterday, learn. If that will be tomorrow, wait. If that is today, keep in and never let it go.

30. God put you on this Earth because no one else can do what you do the way you do it. Be the unique person He intended you to be.

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