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Sunday, February 8, 20092:58 PM
1141. If someone ignores you, doesn’t like you and doesn’t appreciate you don’t be sad. Prove that you’re one of a kind, chin up and be proud to say, “I am better that your ex and better than you’re next.

1142. The best part about being in-love is when you just love a person & you are happy about it. Even if that person can never be yours, even if you know it can’t last forever. That’s the true essence of love – It’s not about winning someone & it’s not about owning a relationship. It’s about being happy because you know you’ve loved someone & it’s about being guiltless because you know that you didn’t take away someone from anybody. You just loved, and loved unselfishly.

1143. Tinkerbelle has always been with Peter Pan. She gave him eternal youth, the gift of riding the wind. She is the companion who never leaves his side. But in the end, when she finally had the courage to tell him she loves him Peter Pan is already flying away with Wendy.

1144. When Peter Pan saw Tinkerbelle again after some time, he asked: Why did you have to go away for so long?
Tinkerbelle replied: You never gave me a reason to come back. I was always there when you needed me but you never showed how important I am to your life. Now it's different and now we've changed. But I'm still smiling.
Peter Pan then asked her: Why?
Tinkerbelle: It's just that now, it's your turn to miss me.

1145. A person' heart beats twice in one cardiac cycle. Figuratively, it beats for itself and another person. Maybe that's why doctors claim a third beat as abnormal. It is called cardiac arrhythmia. See? No space for third party.

1146. I don’t need someone perfect. All I need is someone doing nothing and yet keeps me falling.

1147. It's tough when someone special starts to ignore you, but it's even tougher to pretend that you don’t mind being ignored.

1148. In love, who is hardest to compete with? Third party? Flirts? Good-lookings? Heart throbs? NO, but the love BEFORE you.

1149. If you really love a person, you are willing to wait even how long it takes. You are willing to bare all the pain that awaits, want to know why? Simple because, FOREVER is not a very long time for a person that deeply loves.

1150. Once you LOSE someone, it is NEVER exactly the same person who COMES BACK.
1151. Learn to trust the perfect time so that you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent and awesome purpose.

1152. Just a thought: They say expecting is one way of hurting yourself but what if you have the right to expect? Expecting doesn’t hurt you, ASSUMING does.

1153. It is not because those things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that it is difficult.

1154. Two most important thoughts a person should bear in mind: 1. Use things, not people. 2. Love people, not things.

1155. Heaven is not for people who are better than the rest, but for people who sincerely try to become better than they are.

1156. Notice how all of a sudden love quotes revolve on TWILIGHT? But do we really need to seek for the impossible? We can’t have vampires as lovers. We can’t be immortal. We can’t be perfect. But what we can do is stick with the reality and have our own Twilight love story.

1157. At times your sad about what's going on with your life, just remember one permanent fact: EVERYTHING changes. Tomorrow might be different.

1158. Criticism is best received when it is presented in a loving manner. So before you speak frankly with someone ask yourself, "Will my words build him up or tear him down?"

1159. Just when we think we have the mental faculties of a mature person, unexpected events would occur and will make us realize that we still have a lot of growing up to do.

1160. You really don't always have to be super nice. Sometimes you have to show your bad side so that you can sort out who can accept you at your worst.

1161. A Real man plays basketball not just a sport but in the game of life. A real man cries even when in front of a girl. A real man wears pink without hesitation. A real man never fights without a reason. A real man shows fidelity to relationships. A real man respects girls in all aspects. And a real man ends a relationship before he starts fooling around.

1162. Beware:
What is a friend? Someone you can hangout with. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone you can talk to. Someone who knows you very well or sometimes, SOMEONE who is SECRETLY in LOVE with you.

1163. Wise people don't just admit wrongs, they strive to repeat performance. We can't be perfect but trying is better than doing nothing.

1164. Funny that one moment, both of you were inseparable and now, both of you are just two people trying to forget each other.

1165. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.
- Dora the Explorer

1166. The MODERN MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: You chill together, do things together, spend time with each other and you laugh together except one thing, commitment. Then here's the MODERN RELATIONSHIP: You chill together, do things together, spend time with each other and after a time fight each other, shout at each other, hurt one another, cheat one another, stay committed except one thing, being happy.

1167. Do you know why we should be very much thankful? It is because we may never have everything. But at least, we NEVER had nothing.

1168. It has never been a question of who forgets but sometimes, there’s a definite pain on being the only one who remembers everything.

1169. Human Philosophy:
Why was snow white given an apple with poison? To show that not all people that are kind to you are really kind. They might have some other agenda against you. Looks can be deceiving. Why did Cinderella run away when the clock turned 12 midnight? To remind us that every thing has its limitations, even dreams. Why did Ariel decide to exchange her fins with feet? To show that anyone will try to lose anything just to be happy.

1170. I maybe sweet to every person I meet but the sweetest part within me belongs to only one.


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