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Quotes 1411 - 1430
Sunday, April 19, 200910:56 AM
1411. Meeting him was fate. Being close with him was by choice. But I am sorry because falling in love with him was beyond my control.

1412. I was thinking just now about the kind of person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I want someone who can hear me out despite my silence, who can see me beyond all those masks of smiles and laughter and who would understand me even at my worst. Someone who would make me feel that I am too special and therefore worthy to be loved. And lastly, I want someone who won’t get tired of showing me that I am the very reason why he exists.

1413. Sometimes you just have to pretend that you are happy just to stop everyone from asking what hell happened.

1414. Everyday, I wish for someone whom I could love and who will love me in return. Today, I think o am going to wish for something else. It is the maturity to realize that if he wouldn’t come, I would be just fine.

1415. There will be times when you will love someone so much that even the simplest gesture is enough to convince you and make you stay in love.

1416. God has added one more day in your life no because you need it but maybe because someone else needs you out there.

1417. Forgetting the feeling you have for someone is one of the things that could never be easy. After a long time of loving, here you are now trying to forget but still loving in silence.

1418. You saw your past love smiled at you then you suddenly felt something strange. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the love is still alive. Guess what? Missing someone is far different from loving the person still.

1419. It’s overused. It’s a cliché. It’s corny. It’s just a line. It’s illogical. It’s troublesome. It’s always too abrupt. It’s never on cue. It’s difficult to say. It will be held against you. It’s too bold. It’s often quite pathetic. It’s amazing how, after everything, I love you still works.

1420. Three simple rules:
- If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it.
- If you don’t ask, the answer will always be a no
- If you don’t step forward, you will always be on the same place.

1421. There are two things that you could do upon a dead end sign: make a u- turn and play safe or go beyond and explore the other side. Sometimes, undone things are more regrettable than those you have committed because at least, you have known what it yield rather than forever wondering what could have been.

1422. I always get disappointed whenever I open another message because it wasn’t from him.

1423. You can always crave for anyone but there will always be that special someone that is enough for you to forget the rest.

1424. Sometimes words aren’t enough to make someone feel that we care for them. Sometimes it needs a little more effort to convince them that we are still here.

1425. Get close enough to have fun. But don’t get attached enough to get hurt.

1426. Men say women always have paranoia attacks. But I say women’s instincts never fail.

1427. I can say I am over him a million times and more. I can stand to laugh as if there’s no tomorrow. I can practically curse him anytime together with his newest girl. But once his around, I don’t know and I can’t explain why my heart beats so fast that I could hardly gasp making me want to fall into his arms once again. After everything that he put me through, he still owns the biggest part of me and the sad part is that I can do nothing about it.

1428. Sometimes, people just stop wanting to be with you, plain and simple. It happens. And it is always best to leave it at that. It is always best to just let it all go.

1429. If that boy doesn’t love you now, he will never ever love you.

1430. We are all pretty much the same when it comes to love. We attract, we like then we fall. We suffer love’s inconveniences and enjoy our emotional fulfillment. We get out hearts broken but the lucky ones have their happy ending. Love is love. There is no theory or calculation or scientific reasoning to explain why we experience it. Leave it at that. We are human and it is the best damn thing we have got.

1431. You know what is ironically stupid about guys? They can fall in love with their girl best friends and stay with them even though they know that the girl doesn’t love them, act as if it is still friendship they want when in fact it is not. But when it is the girl who falls for them and they don’t feel the same, they shy away, avoid the girl and in the long run, ruin the friendship.

1432. They love you but they are not your lover. They care for you but they are not from your family. They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation. They are friends. A true friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother and finally loves you more than a lover.

1433. Do you know what is hard about being strong? It is when nobody cares to ask if you are hurt.

1434. Men naturally possess the heart of a superhero. So when a guy does a thoughtful and heroic deed for oyu, don’t think they like you. They just function according to their nature. “He is just being nice.”

1435. If love can make us happy, why does it need to make us feel pain and make us cry?
1436. Don’t let someone miss you so much because you might never know how much you are giving them reasons to forget you.

1437. You won’t know how much someone cares for you until you realize they don’t care anymore.

1438. One very hard thing in life is when you know in your heart that you love the person but you run out of reasons to fight for what you feel.

1439. You can always crave for anyone but there will always be that special someone that is enough for you to forget the rest.

1440. I know that he can’t let go of me but it doesn’t mean that he loves me because I can feel that he just can’t because he knows that I am always there when he needed me.


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