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Quotes 691- 720
Friday, November 7, 200810:13 PM
691. I choose to love you in silence. Because in silence I find no rejection. And in silence, no one owns you but me.

692. I have come to realize that he’s just a guy. A great one, maybe. But he’s not mine. And I don’t need to do things to make him love me. Coz if he really wanted to, he would.

693. Beware: what is a friend? Someone you can hangout with. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone you can talk to. Someone who knows you very well. Or sometimes, someone who’s been secretly in love with you.
694. If you love someone, you have to give the best. Do the right thing. But the best way to an everlasting relationship comes from three words. DO NOT LIE.
695. I can say, “I’m over him” a million times and more. I can stand to laugh as if there’s no tomorrow. I can perfectly curse his name. But once he’s around, I don’t know and I can’t explain. Why my heart beats so fast that I could hardly gasp, making me want to fall into his arms once again. After everything that he put me through. He still owns the biggest part of me and the sad part is that, I can do nothing about it.

696. If you look inside a girl’s heart and see how much she cries. You’ll find secrets. Promises and lies. But what you’ll see most is how hard she tries to stay strong. When nothing is right and everything’s wrong.

697. If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder and hold you close to me. I’ll answer with a smile, “having this kind of guy in my life.”

698. Our heart stops for a second every time we sneeze. Maybe that’s why sneezing feels good. Coz even for a second we become numb to the pain our heart carries.

699. Its true, setting someone free is the hardest thing to do. Its not the tears you cried that makes it so hard. But the small piece of hope left inside your heart. That someday, you’d still end up together.

700. Falling in love is like smoking. You think its nothing then you can’t live without it. You can’t stop even though you know it’s wrong. You say you’re going to stop but then again, you never did.

701. All your life, you’re singing on to your own tune. 1 day, you’re surprised to discover someone playing a song that matches beautifully with yours. That’s true love. “Love is not giving up who you are. It’s taking up your identity and uniting it with someone else.”

702. Its weird how you go from being strangers. To being friends. To being more than friends. To being practically strangers again. So fast.
703. Forever isn’t just a word, but a place. A place where two people journey to. So when love sends you there, don’t just say “forever.” Be there.

704. “You deserve someone better.” One of the most bullshit reasons I’ve ever heard. Why? Coz he could have bin better if he tried to. And it could have been me, if he wanted to.

705. He is my self-inflicted pain. A preposterous diversion. A momentary bliss. My blameworthy experience. My poisonous religion. He is my annoyance, and yet he remains to be my only happiness.

706. If you find yourself in love with someone who doesn’t love you, be gentle with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just that love didn’t choose to rest on the other person’s heart. If you find someone in love with you whom you don’t love, feel honored coz his love has knocked on your door. But gently refuse the gift which you can’t return. If you find yourself in love with someone who loves you too, but love chooses to leave, don’t try to reclaim it or assess blame. Let it go. Remember, you don’t choose love. Love chooses you. Love has its own time, own season, own meaning, own reason for coming and going.

707. Love is indeed a word worn out of use. What most of us think [admit it or not] is that whenever we feel that ‘kilig’ factor means we love the person already. And that is the major reason why most of us fail the relationship we’ve made with the person we love. We should not rely solely by sparks and magical feelings. Coz loving someone is not always about fairy tales and fantasies. It’s about truth and reality.
678. People continue to love in spite of the pain, tears and heartbreak. Maybe because PAIN made them stronger. TEARS made them braver. And HEARTBREAK made them wiser.

709. Insensitivity happens by choice, not by nature. Coz all human beings have feelings. It’s just that there are some who pretend not to feel. And some who act so blind not to see.

710. It would be the loneliest feeling standing cold under the rain, all alone. But if you were there hugging me tight, just right there by my side, I’ll just hope it would rain for the rest of my life.

711. I cared, I got hurt. I took risks, I failed. I sacrificed, I lost. I hoped, I gained nothing. Yet, I kept loving till every piece of me was broken. Why does love give me bitterness, when in fact I gave my best? It is when I realized, love is just as deep and pure as it can be that no one could ever unlock the mystery.

712. Little stuff about love:
to those who are desperate, learn to wait. Let things fall into place. To those who have someone, know that you’re lucky to have that someone. Never take things for granted. To those who got hurt, that’s part of the ride. What’s loving without hurting?

713. Never welcome something you can’t entertain. Never open doors if you mean to close your heart. Never accept love if you can’t give yourself in return. Never start a relationship you know you want to end.

714. Two of the shortest words in the English language are “YES” and “NO” and yet they are often the ones that require the most thought before they are said. Some thoughts are better left unsaid, some feeling are better left kept to yourself. But love has its way of expressing itself despite the silence.
685. Love and friend are walking in a village. Love falls into a well. Why? Coz love is blind. Friend also jumped inside. Why? Coz friend will do anything for love.

715. Love’s confusing isn’t it? We can never tell when to give up and when to keep trying. When to let go and when to hold on. The question is, is it the love which is confusing? Or the person loving?

716. Love is not about who’s on top. But who’s pumping it. It’s not about whose coming first. But how many times you came. It’s not how long it is. But how hard it could be.

717. Hard to accept that the person I love the most can’t love me. I don’t want to give up but the pain weakens me. How can I be truly happy when my happiness has left me?

718. How to fall in love: fall, but don’t stumble; be consistent, but not persistent; understand, but don’t demand; share and always be fair; and if you get hurt, KILL.

719. I’m happy but deep down I’m not. I’m alright but in reality, I’m losing my mind. Tried not to talk to that person, tried not to show. But, 1 word, 1 look, 1 smile, and I know again, I’d fall.

720. CONFESSIONS of a 3rd Party: I like it when he remembers me, only to find out his girl is gone. I like it when he tells me he loves me, only to find out he doesn’t have anybody else to text. I like it when he’s extra sweet, only to find out he and his girl had a big fight. I like it when he spends time with me, only coz his girlfriend couldn’t find the time for him. I don’t take pleasure in hurting his girl’s feelings coz I know at the end of the day, it’s still her and not me that he’ll come home to.


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