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Quotes 1501 - 1530
Friday, July 31, 20094:57 PM
1501. Reality check: if people know that they have a second chance, they will not be careful with their actions. It is human nature.

1502. It is so damn hard to deal with emotions when I want to touch someone but I can’t. There’s nothing I can do about it. No matter how hard I try to distract myself. No matter how I try to smile and laugh it out it still comes to that point where I find myself alone even in a happy crowd. Hopelessly missing that one person I have been wanting so much.

1503. Avoiding something doesn’t always mean that you hate it. It could also mean that you want it but you just know that it is too complicated.

1504. Never allow yourself to be treated as nothing by another person who you have valued so much. If there is no sense in waiting, then move on. If you feel that you are not valued by the person you like, then let go. Life is about making wise decisions and not about making yourself the foolish one.

1505. What is good about being emotional? It is accepting my own weakness and stop fooling myself pretending that I am strong knowing deep inside, I am bleeding.

1506. The reason why we expect more from others? It is because we would be willing to do that much for them.

1507. It doesn’t matter when I felt love or how I learned to and why did I fall for that person. It is just that I did love. No questions to be asked.

1508. Not all seemingly happy people are happy indeed. Sometimes, when the party is over, some just sit alone and quietly bleed inside.

1509. An inspiring fact to bear in mind: Mathematics may not teach us to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide or to love a friend and forgive an enemy. But it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.

1510. Sometimes, it is better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel because it will only hurt you when you know they can hear you but they can’t understand.

1511. If you intend to love someone, be sure to accept the challenge called changes.

1512. Sometimes, your existence gives hope to a person, your smile maybe a pearl for someone, your presence might be the desire of the one who loves you dearly so value yourself. You exist for a reason.

1513. Don’t exhaust your heart trying to look for the one you think you deserve. Instead, you should save the best part of you for the person who deserves you, someone who came the time you didn’t search.

1514. You can’t forget a person you love so much no matter how much you try to do it. It is impossible unless you learn to love somebody else.

1515. I am not saying that I am in love. I am just saying that lately, he’s all I think about.

1516. If you don’t correct them when they upset you, they will never learn to treat you with respect.

1517. What could be nicer than seeing your loved one smile at you so sweetly for no reason? What could be more flattering than hearing that someone says you look good in whatever you wear? What could be more heartwarming that sharing with that someone an umbrella under the cold rain? It is to hear that someone say, “I have fallen in love with you more that I planned to and now I know for sure that there’s no way I will ever let you go.”

1518. It is a lie to say you have let go of the past. Nobody let go of memories. Each tear is an unforgettable memory. Each smile is an undeniable mark. Each heartbeat is an unerasable soar because really, there is no such thing as forgetting only accepting and changing.

1519. You cannot love and hold yourself back from its full force. Love is about placing that bet, taking the risk and letting go of fear. Love is dangerous for it will always ask you to jump the chasm with your eyes closed with nothing but to trust to break your fall.

1520. Sometimes it is better to be alone, because you are more assured that no one would hurt you.

1521. Is it really that hard to let go of someone? Or is it just really hard because you still hope there's a chance?

1522. It is funny how I never even shared my smile to the guy who was willing to carve the whole world just for me, yet I fell for someone who doesn't even bother to reach for the falling star.

1523. It's impossible to find somebody who will never make you cry. So get the next best thing, find someone who's worth all the pain.

1524. Falling in love is like crossing the street. There's a traffic light that tells you when to go, when to look and when to stop. Tell me, would I be crossing the red light if I FALL in LOVE with YOU?

1525. Why do marriages fail? It's because the bride chose the GROOM, instead of the BEST MAN.

1526. I was not aware that he came only to love me for a while. I was aiming to be with him forever but he is not willing to work it all out. While I was busy planning for us, he was busy planning his life with another person. It hurts too much but all I can do is watch him walk away and that is the end of it. There goes my forever. There goes my life. I know he is gone but holding on to him has become the only way to keep me alive.

1527. I was walking after a painful experience when someone came; he never left me when I needed him most. He stood by me all along. Then after all that has happened, I began to wonder. He did help me forget my sad story and yet he started another one.

1528. We spend our lives telling ourselves that everything happens for a reason when in reality; it is just that we give reasons for everything that happen.

1529. You can’t tell someone you love them and then change your mind. That is not how it works. Once you love someone, you always love them. Don’t you? Isn’t there a part of you who thinks of him/ her for no reason whatsoever? They will always be in the back of your mind and no matter how much you love someone else, you always love him/ her too.

1530. A great love? It is when you shed tear and still you care for him. It is when he ignores you and you still you long for him. It is when he begins to love another and yet you still smile and say I am happy for you.


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